About me

Hi there, my name is Mohamed and at the time of me typing this post in 2021, I´m 17 years old. First, let me thank you for coming by my website and I hope that the information you find is helpful for you and your choices.

At this time I got some free time which isn´t being used for anything useful and I found that I could do something with it. I had the idea of making a blog there I can help people with whatever information I find that could be helpful for both them and me, and I realized I could make my blog about laptops.

There are a lot of laptops out there and they can be very similar which can make it hard for anyone to decide on which one they are going to pick, there I come where I will do some research and present it for you shortly and with that let you decide on your purchase.

In the coming future, you could expect more blogs about laptops and it´s accessories mainly but maybe that can evolve later. I might add monetization in a form of google ads as well as in affiliate links which can give me a small commission on your purchase.

To keep getting better I would ask you all for your feedback and engagement, give me some comments where you give your thoughts about this and maybe something positive so I can keep doing this further.

If you have read till here then I want to thank you for the time you gave me and I will see you in the next post. See ya all!

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